US Electricity Consumption Innovations Will Increase Sector Jobs

October 9, 2021 Michael 0 Comments

Columbia | SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy | Building a New Grid  without New Legislation: A Path to Revitalizing Federal Transmission  Authorities

Electricity is all around us. Even within the human body, our central nervous system functions due to electrochemical reactions that occur to help one perceive the environment. Since even before the time of Benjamin Franklin harnessing lightning, our world tried to comprehend the science of electromagnetism and how it can help solve problems.

US Electricity Consumption

Electricity is the most frequently consumed energy in the US. Because alternate systems must manufacture electricity as a derivative of other energy sources, it is known as secondary energy. Primary energy sources that plants use to create electricity include:

  • petroleum
  • natural gas
  • coal
  • nuclear energy
  • wind
  • solar
  • geothermal
  • hydropower

In order to continue powering the world’s machines into perpetuity, innovators are figuring out how to successfully support all the engineers, technicians, and other powergen jobs that are establishing the next generation’s permanent power grid.

Energy Production Innovation

The latest in power generation science highlights the preparation undergone to fulfill the current social need to extend the lifetime usability of our energy resources. For example, a collection of 11 energy innovation studies recently analyzed the feasibility of 80% clean electricity in US usage by 2030. As a result of new energy policies on behalf of US lawmakers and policy decision-makers, as many as one million jobs could arise. In addition, there may also be the effect of eliminating many thousands of unnecessary deaths.

According to the research authors, the following must also be in place in order to achieve this ambitious target:

  • reduction of carbon intensity in energy generation
  • increase in the use of wind and solar primary sources
  • decrease in barriers to entry for new companies in the industry
  • all-electric light-capacity vehicles for sale by 2030

As one of our key dependencies, electricity will be one of the largest job sectors in the country. Making power plants more cost-effective and safer could finally make all the difference between today’s carbon emissions and those emissions 10 years down the road.