Facts About Cosmetology School

January 18, 2022 Michael 0 Comments

The Benefits of Getting Services in a Student Salon

Do you enjoy applying your friends’ makeup for special events? Do you love styling your sister’s hair?Do you paint your own nails like a pro? If any of these sound like you, you may enjoy cosmetology school! Perhaps someone has told you to consider it, or maybe you’ve looked into the idea yourself. Keep reading to learn what cosmetology school is, and what you learn there.

What Is It?

Cosmetology school is where students are taught cosmetology practices. Cosmetology is the study of applying beauty to hair, skin, and nails. When looking for a cosmetology school, you likely want the best cosmetology training school you can find.


Many cosmetology schools offer these types of classes: general cosmetology, skin care, hair coloring, nail care, and makeup application, among others. General cosmetology is where you will learn about human anatomy and patient ethics, among other topics. The skin care class teaches topics such as different skin types, skin disorders, and giving facials, among other things. The hair coloring class is where students learn how to use coloring chemicals and applying color all over the hair, among other things. The nail care class teaches students how to do pedicures, manicures, and acrylics, among other topics. The makeup application class teaches students tips on applying makeup, esthetics, and basic makeup tools, among other things.


There are different careers that you could do in cosmetology. These could include: an esthetician, hairstylist, nail technician, and salon management. An esthetician works in skincare. You would do exfoliation, facials, chemical peels, face masks, and skin detox, among other things. A hairstylist does hair. You will cut hair, wash hair, and style the hair as well. You can also do other treatments such as coloring the hair, weaving, and perms. A nail technician works on nails. You will polish nails, do nail repair, and do manicures, among other tasks. In salon management, you run the operation of the salon. You will hire and train workers. You will also have other duties to complete, such as keeping records and making sure the salon is hygienic.