July 13, 2020


We work with you at every step, from enquiry to full completed work, in order to regulate and control the advantages of off-site construction. As a Local Authority Building Control Partner, when you work with Modular Buildings Ltd you can trust on our skilled and highly innovative team to deliver all of your needs set by Local Authorities. We spend time to understand your requirements and give you the design which is cost effective for your building needs. We guide and help you in Planning Application, submissions, building regulations, surveys and searches and incoming services design, helping to minimise the expenditure on sourcing these facilities individually. We provide a hassle free service, planned design, and all external facilities regulated by us.

We offer buildings that are designed to match your needs which are available both as portioned as well as open planned. They are specially equipped to meet all your requirements and available in variety of finishes. We construct buildings in half the time needed for conventional construction and offer least time on site and minimise waste. We offer a wide range of products which have a wide range of application in various sectors like education, healthcare, sports facilities, oil and gas, storages, and for highly qualitative and finished purpose.

Classrooms need tough and best quality accommodation with least disruption by well planning and expert assimilation which gives an inspiring and refreshing atmosphere. We offer strong and high quality educational buildings with a high range of finishing works which find wide range of applications in classrooms, assembly halls, changing rooms, music rooms, and nurseries, out of school clubs, dance halls and kitchens. We also look after the special needs like electrically working nursing benches, automatic drying and washing. We provide with modular buildings subjected to Disable Discrimination Act, which part M of the Buildings Regulations.

We, at Modular Buildings Ltd, facilitate you with new and refurbished modular buildings for every healthcare accommodation needs. Our buildings are best for variety of uses which includes temporary and permanent wards for patients, surgery rooms for doctors, various departments in a clinic, consulting rooms, station for nurse’, rooms for day surgeries, showers and toilets, offices, operation theatre rooms, private bedrooms and many more. It also offers least disruption to patients, staffs and existing facilities, which is the most important requirement in healthcare units. Whatever may be the number of storey’s or size of the rooms, modular buildings can meet your needs.

With universal experience in providing buildings to the gas and oil industry, we know the need and demand for strong and high quality buildings in this sector. Using resources to exact needs our modular buildings are designed with very high standard. Here the buildings are designed to meet your bespoke need from a simple sleeping room to a to blast resistive control room. Our products best for this sector are modular office, sleeping units, welfare room, training room, vandal resistant room, and control room and storage facilities. All units are available with blast resilient facility and facilities like HVAC system, fire suppression and gas detection system can also be installed as per requirement.

Well experienced in providing to the M.O.D., we know the need for strong and high quality buildings within this sector. Our buildings have aesthetically pleasing atmospheres, be it a sleeping room, office room or storage room. We operate with frequent client interaction and cooperation to ensure satisfaction. In this sector our products include modular office and cabin sleeping rooms, welfare, storage and training accommodation, vandal and blast resilient units, prison and counter terrorism modular buildings.

We offer extensive variety of single and multi storied modular buildings which are ideal for big projects, fulfilling the need of modern robust offices and welfare facilities. Our buildings are very easy to pack up and relocated as they are very portable. They can be pre installed with power, lighting, heating and floor covers and can be quickly installed at any location and are available in wide range of finishes. We offer the facility of worldwide delivery.


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