July 13, 2020
Rich and poor lifestyle

Rich and poor lifestyle

Definitely, there is a great difference between Rich and poor. There are two possibilities, if you are not rich then you would be poor. Every person in the world wishes to get Wealth. Bill Gates said at an occasion, “It’s not your fault if you were born poor, but it’s your fault if you die poor.” If you are poor, then it is your fault otherwise richness is not much far from you.

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difference between rich and poor

If you utilize your abilities, richness is ahead. There is not only a difference of wealth between poor and rich but also manners, thoughts and gathering are also different.  in this article, we will try to sum up the major differences among rich and poor and these are:

Poor people are doubted

Poor people have a skeptical nature because they are doubted in everything. Thought of Poor people is that only rich people approach to every facility and every color. rules and regulations are just applied to poor people. Just poor fulfill Justifications and rich people do not obey any law and orders. Poor people are confused and hence face this confusion throughout their lives.

Rich people rely on others

unusually, rich people always did big deals. Their transport and homes are available for people as there had been developed a trusted relationship between them and people. they do business on the base of trust. Trust is their lifestyle. They give and receive opportunities just on behalf of their agreements.

Poor people find faults

poor People are always searching for complications, not for the resources. As they failed in their mostly purposes, so they blame it on their circumstances, environment, jobs, weather, government and in the end, they will show a lot of faults in the system by which they are failed.

Rich people achieve targets

Rich people always make opportunities to get happiness. They do not take life as much easy but they do work hard to achieve success. They do not find the reasons for their failures. They think that failure is just due to laziness. There is a difference between the thoughts of the rich and poor.

Poor people make assumptions

The bad habit of poor people is that they make an assumption about anything. The reason for it may be something else or a lack of trust. If there comes any chance to meet any high profile person, they mostly say, “he will not meet us”. Instead of analyzing the realities they just guess about anything and they do not consider the facts in their discussions.

Rich people consider the realities

if there is something to be discussed among rich people or they make any plan or discuss anything which is going to have happened in the future. first of all, realities are discussed by rich people they do not believe in assumptions. In their planning, facts and figures are counted instead of ‘this and that’. Rich people consider realities. They think again and again before taking any step instead of just making assumptions.

Poor people search for the cheapest solutions

If there is something to be discussed among the poor about purchasing anything in the future. Poor people always search for the cheapest sources and short cuts for that thing. Poor people are narrowly minded by nature and there are many reasons for this. The main reason for it is that they do not have much wealth to purchase expensive things so they find the cheapest ways to get solutions. they do not focus on the quality.

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