July 13, 2020
How Effect of Mobile Signals in the World

How Effect of Mobile Signals in the World

As mobile phone usage is worldwide because according to GSMA real-time intelligence data, approximately 5.17 billion people are using mobile phones today. This shows that near about 66.77% population of the world use mobile phones. There is huge coverage for public concerns in the media that is about how mobile signals affect health.

Now a day a lot of people are using mobile phones and medical researchers always work about possible health risks of mobile phones for people even at a big or small level. It is very necessary for everyone to know the threats and possible effects of mobile phone use could be on them and hence should make a decision on how to use mobile phones in order to avoid the effect of mobile signals.

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Mobile phone Use and health concerns

Radiofrequency (RF) radiation is used in Mobile phones and they are directly connected with base stations. There happens ‘thermal effect’ when RF radiation is at a high level due to which body temperature is increased very much. On the other hand, if mobile phones emit these RF radiations at a low level, there may occur other health problems like headaches or brain tumors.

There is no final or powerful proof by the research conducted by Intensive international that mobile phones are harmful to health either temporary or permanently. but, WHO issued a report in May 2011, in which RF radiation was classified as ‘possibly carcinogenic for humans, on the basis of enhanced threats for glioma that is a sort of brain cancer.  This WHO report motivated a lot of people to be very careful in the mobile phone use. That research is still in progress.

Radiations and mobile phones

Electrical and magnetic energy traveling in space equal to the speed of light combines to produce radiations. These radiations are also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR). There are two types of these radiations, that are:

ionizing radiation (IR):

These types of radiations are able to change the body’s molecules or atoms and as a result of this change, there would be tissues damaging which means cancer. x-rays and gamma rays are the example of ionizing radiations.

Non-ionizing radiation (NIR)

NIR does not bring these changes but stimulates the molecules for vibrations. Due to this process, there happens a temperature increase and other effects. Visible light, light bulbs, infrared radiation, ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, microwave energy and radiofrequency energy are examples of non-ionizing radiation.

Blood-brain barrier

A report published in 2010 described that non-thermal radiofrequency does not much effect in concern to the blood-brain barrier. And also there was inadequate research about low-frequency effects on humans. In 2012, a report showed that cerebral blood flow was not affected by the radiation emitted by mobile phones used for a short time. Although, the blood-brain barrier of many animals was damaged by the effect of mobile signals.

Glucose metabolism

National Cancer Institute published a report in which there were references of two short types of research, these studies were not completely showing the effects of mobile phone radiation on brain glucose metabolism.

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