July 13, 2020

Golden State Warriors Tickets – Just How Much Pain can Jackson Endure?

Experts can believe that Jackson is at it, all the time. With the kind of injuries plaguing Jackson, experts believe that he should have been on the way to the hospital a long time before. After all, the injury is at a place that is so critical for a basketball player. With a sprained left hand, there is only so much you could do with the ball. The feeling gets even worse when the opponents know about the problem.

And that has been Stephen’s problem. Game after game, opponents have come crashing on his left hand. It really all started with the November 25th game against the Washington team. Jackson banged his hand against a rampaging forward from the Washington team. There has been no looking back since, at least for the injury. Experts suggested then that the best thing Jackson should now is to rest. Some rest will definitely allow the hand to recover faster.

But Jackson would not want to have anything of it. He played the next game against Boston the next day. Of course, he damaged his hand even further. Whatever little recourse was left, he spoilt it all by playing in Cleveland on the 28th November. By now, it would be fair to say that Jackson’s left hand was in absolute shambles. The medical staff of the Warriors just did not know how much heavier should they strap Jackson on?

Obviously, missing games is something Jackson did not want to do at all. True to his reputation as being a fighter to the core, Jackson did play the next two games after getting his injured hand strapped heavily by the medical staff. The bravado of Jackson finally came to an end, when he decided to give the following game against the New York Knicks a miss. The coach of the Warriors believes that it is high time Jackson takes his hand seriously else he could not play basketball ever in his life.

There surely seems to be more heart than brain in Jackson’s style of working. He obviously does not want to miss on his first love, and that is playing basketball. It is this love that has got him playing in spite of all the knocks he has taken on his hand. Yes, he has been terribly impaired with the damaged hand, at least in his ball control abilities. But whatever lack you find in his movements, you would find him making that up with his indomitable spirit?

Even the coach believes that it is time Jackson takes rest. But will he oblige? Looking at all indications, Jackson is all set to take to the field. The coach believes that if Jackson feels fit to play, he would play him. And really, the Jackson injury saga continues!


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