July 13, 2020
Are 80 % Lower Receiver Legal?

Are 80 % Lower Receiver Legal?

80 lower receiver is an important part of AR 15 and to finish the 80 % lower receiver is not a difficult task if we have proper awareness and guidance. Now the question is Are 80% lower receiver legal?


This is one of the most common questions that arise frequently. And it is very important to give a clear answer to this question according to the current state of law. Laws can change by time and can vary from location to location.


The things of such kinds are easy to transfer so its necessary to know the gun laws thoroughly and know every bit of these laws.


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Just before jumping into the legality of 80% lower receiver we must know the real concept of 80 lower and what is the concept of this firearm. It’s a crucial part of the popular weapon that can be milled and build into a firearm.


There might be a bit doubtful about the legality of the 80 lower receivers and you can know the reason for this skepticism. It’s a truth that with few required tools and little basic knowledge you can build an AR 15 by yourself.


ATF officially treats all the issues related to firearms and there is no wonder behind this fact. And having this huge duty ATF is committed to making and selling 80 lower receivers. Now we need to know the policy of 80 lower receivers that these receivers are legal.


Federally these are allowed but the user has to follow some rules. According to the ATF and Gun control act, The 80% percent lower receiver doesn’t fall under the criteria of a firearm. This rule imposition starts after the AR 15 has been milled. 


Simple is that before getting finishing point it’s just a piece of metal. And once you have milled out it, it immediately becomes a firearm from a lower. You must mill out it by yourself. So, always make proper planning before milling it out as it immediately turns into a gun from a piece of aluminum.


It’s legal to make a complete firearm but you have to be careful when you are going to sell it or handing over to anyone. Serializing the weapon is not mandatory in case if you are using it personally. Its implementation has a far broad gun rule. 

It is said that you must own a metalworker mill to complete an 80 lower receiver.


At first, stop yourself at 80% lower because definitely, not everyone has the powerful skill of completing it.The laws differ for different weapons and for different states


You must be aware thoroughly about your state laws and in case if your country has a limitation on the pistol grip, magazine size or buttstocks then you must be completely acting upon the laws and regulations. Your firearm must have agreements with the state laws.


It’s quite clear that the firearms laws about the 80% lowers are easy and simple to follow. But with time these laws get change so, it’s very important to stay updated about the changes in the laws to avoid any inconvenience.

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