July 13, 2020

5 Ways To Keep Your Rabbit Happy In Its Hutch

Rabbits are clean, intelligent and friendly animals but if they are to live outdoors in a hutch, their hutch needs to be suitable and well maintained. There are various measures one can take to ensure that their adorable and lovable pet is happy in his hutch.
It goes without saying that the hutch needs to be waterproof to ensure that the rabbit can live comfortably inside. Just like cats, rabbits thoroughly dislike getting doused in water and will not appreciate getting wet from the rain. Furthermore, lack of waterproofing increases the risks of the rabbit getting sick because of getting wet in the rain while also dirtying up the hutch, watering the food and creating an unpleasant living environment.
Rabbits love being able to dig and a lack of sand in their hutch derives them the opportunity to do so. Their entire body is structured in such a way to allow them to dig easily and comfortably, short front legs with long nails to dig into the ground and powerful back legs to provide them with support while they are doing so. Rabbits do not really need a purpose to dig, you can often see them digging a hole and then digging in the opposite direction and filling up the hole. This is not to say that all of their digging is aimless, they dig burrows to birth their young and dig to provide themselves with comfort when sitting or sleeping. The point of the matter is that digging sand is a matter of habit for them and one they would be very unhappy to have to give up.
Clean the Hutch
Make sure that you clean the hutch regularly. If you fill the hutch with sand, simply shovel out some sand and add in fresh sand as this will ensure that the animal excretion and waste is also removed. If you have inserted a litter tray make sure that it is emptied daily.
Rabbits are very sensitive to changes in climate. Make sure that shelter is provided from strong winds and shade from the sun. During winter months it is recommended that you take a blanket and drape it over the cage, blocking out most of the exposed areas of the cage, not all however you do not wish to stifle your pets. A rabbit which is not protected from extreme weathers and temperature can easily die from freezing to death or overheating.
Putting some toys in the hutch is a good way to entertain your rabbit. A safe chew block is a good and useful option for a rabbit as their teeth grow their entire life. Buy a toy from a pet store as allowing a rabbit a twig or piece of wood as it could contain pesticides or chemical treatments that can harm the rabbits.

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