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SynWrite 6.25.2380 + Portable
SynWrite - мощнейший текстовый редактор для программистов и обычных пользователей. Редактор исходного кода, поддерживает возможность разработки программ более чем на 70 языках. В том числе Java, C++, javascript, Pascal, Perl, HTML, XML, PHP, SQL и других. SynWrite обладает TDI-интерфейсом, а значит позволяет открыть сразу несколько файлов в отдельных вкладках. Помимо этого в SynWrite имеется целый ряд вспомогательных инструментов, облегчающих написание кода.

SynWrite is a free source code editor. The idea behind SynWrite is the combination of great ideas of well known editors into a single, freely available product. It is a complete environment for web workers, coders and writers and offers extensive support for its users. One aim of SynWrite is simple extension. Therefore, it supports plugins written in Python language. Beside that, you find basic available tools like macro recorder, code highlighting, code folding, regular expressions, that can be used standalone or combined for fast and reliable editing.

Based on the powerful EControl Syntax Editor SDK, SynWrite adds a wide set of features and is a tool for nearly every editing task. You can easily configure SynWrite to your needs and if necessary, you may carry your edit tool on an USB stick like a Swiss army knife for writing code. See detailed feature list below for a quick overview of its capabilities or give it a try. It's free! Because SynWrite is open source, any support of the project is welcome.

Syntax highlighting for lots of languages
Fully customizable highlightings
Code folding
Tree structure view for source code
Support for almost all encodings
Code templates
Clipboard history panel
Search, replace with regular expressions
Search, replace in multiple files
External tools support
Document mini-map feature
Strings extraction feature
Customizable hotkeys
Keyboard macros
Spell checking
Zen Coding support
HTML Tidy support
and more...

ОС: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10
Интерфейс: Multi/Русский
Лекарство: не требуется
Размер: 10.7/15.2 Mb

SynWrite 6.25.2380

SynWrite 6.25.2380 Portable

SynWrite Addons Pack [43.1 Mb]
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